Easy Animations with GIMP: Burn-in

You can make animations are extremely simple in construction a few minutes with GIMP:
1)Open GIMP, from menu File-New. Set the width and height according to the desired size. We will use the site logo to set 640x70.
2)Choose a color and apply it to backscreen of template with "Bucket Fill Tool".
3)Choose a color as must be appear compatible with the background by "Text Tool" and choose the field of your text, start to wright. After it finishes, set the size of text.
4)Select Filters --- Animation Burn-in option to click with the mouse. You can press the OK button in the pop-up box. We changed only glow color. If you wish you can add fadeout by selecting.You can customize as you wish(fadeout width, corona width and after glow). In addition, if we would want to prepare directly a gif, we could mark to "prepare for gif"
5)After we press the OK button, the software will try to create a new file in the panel below for us. We will use new file.If we wish we can optimize animation for GIF with Filters --- Animation --- Optimize(for gif).
6)File --- Export As and save as a gif. Your animation is ready now...
Our burn-in animation:
gimp burn-in
Second burn-in animation with fadeout:
gimp burn-in with fadeout

You can make different burn-in animations, for example:
gimp burn-in

If you wish to watch our video about how to prepare a simple animation(burn-in) with Gimp: https://youtu.be/1SaO2LEsFNg

Applied in Linux Mint 17 and GIMP 2.8.10
Date of Article: 21.02.2016